Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneaking in...

Ok...well, while the past 2 nights have been much more restful (praise God !!) the three before were beyond 'ugly'...this past Friday morning, I had called the surgeon's office to find out if the level of pain she is experiencing is 'normal'.  Once I described her being asleep yet, thrashing around in the bed screaming "my legs, my legs"...he said, quite simply "no".  So, a long story short, after an exchange of several calls between our amazing, P.A. and myself...he has set us up to have an 'impromptu' appt. tomorrow afternoon at 1:50 to have Mia looked at by one of the Sr. Surgeons.  He is HOPEFULLY going to be able to tell us something that we can do to keep her comfortable for the next month until surgery time gets here.  While moving the surgery up would be nice, the specific surgeon that they want her with doesn't join the practice until Aug. 15th, and that is the date that we'll be seeing him.  Poor Dr. Heflin gets to hit the ground running !! 
So, I wanted to let everyone know that we will be going back tomorrow, and I'll post right when we get home, so you'll all know how it went !!!!! ;)
Thank you so very, very much for the continued prayers, and thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !! :)
With a Mommy's heart,


  1. I hope all is well! and little miss Mia is in our prayers! let me know if you need anything! Gina, even just to talk and have a grown up conversation im here! right across the street!
    love always,
    Morgan, Carlos, & Alauna
    (your neighbors :) )

  2. Are you seeing Dr. John Heflin for your Mia? Trent


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