Mia's Friends

Here are some of the amazing people we have met and have begun to form our own little "community" with !!  We are INCREDIBLY blessed to have found each one of them, and they have each blessed us in their own special and unique way !!!!
If you are new to a hip dysplasia diagnosis, and God has directed you here to our Mia's page, then we want you to know that you are not alone !!  Unfortunately, there are lots of us out here, and all of us understand and will help where we can !!
We will add more and more friends as our community grows, because we know that God will continue to bring us all together !!
Please take a moment to visit their blogs, get to know them a little better, and please include them all in your prayers !!!
Thank you for your continued prayers, and thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!!

this is our friend Abby !!!  Abby had her surgery the week of July 13,2011 and in the picture on the left, she is just out of surgery....on the right, she has just come home !!!!  We love them so much !!! You can visit them here:

This is our friend, Aleena!!!  Her Daddy, Trent,  writes a beautiful blog keeping us all updated on her progress and the wonderful delights that are her.  Please take a few minutes to visit her blog, and watch as she dances away !!
She makes our heart smile !! ;)

Our Tattered Angel

Our friend, Molly !!!! ;)  Molly is all recovered from her surgery, is pain free, and is walking up a storm !! :)  And, she is a ray of hope...while she has been where our children are...she is now where our children will be !!
She is a testament to God's goodness and healing, and reminds us that one day our children too will be whole again !! We're so happy for you Molly !!! You can visit their blog to see Molly in action here:
The Lucas Lowdown