About Mia

On February 24, 2009, we, Gina & Michael were given the most incredible and amazing gift we have ever known, for, this is the day when our Mia was born.
Having waited 16 years to have a child, and quite frankly believing that we probably never would, we were completely 'awestruck' by our miracle.  We understood the phrase "and the two shall become one" in a whole new way !!!  It was as if our love for each other was so great, that we could not contain it any longer, and so it 'spilled over', and took the form of our Mia.
A beautiful little girl, who to this day looks like her Daddy, and yet acts like her Mamma (not a good thing at times, believe me !! lol), Mia is a light and joy to everyone she meets.  She is energetic and funny, and sweet and sincere, and is way too smart for her own good !!! LOL
She loves to read books, color, play in her kitchen and sing!  Her favorite characters include Tinkerbell, Veggie Tales, Strawberry Shortcake and Curious George.  For some reason, she's always been a fan of monkeys !! lol
At 28 mos., she can already count to 10 in both English and Italian, she knows her colors and shapes in both languages, and is working now on the alphabet.
Mia has an infectious laugh, and is generally a very happy child !!  However, I should mention, that for as "deep and wide" as her happiness runs, so does her 'attitude' when she's mad !! lol....that's when her Italian comes out, and wow !!! lol  Just stand back and watch her go !!!
We are looking forward to having this surgery and recovery behind us, so that our Mia can get back to doing what she loves most, running, jumping, swimming and being a child.  As her Memaw put it, and quite perfectly I might add...'we look forward to the day when she can play like other children without suffering for it.'  Amen to that.