Thursday, November 17, 2011

Enjoying the break...

Wow !! I can not believe it has been almost a month since I last blogged !!!! Shame on me !!! I'm so sorry !!!!  It's amazing how one day just sort of rolls into the next, and before you realize it, a month is gone !!  I also can't believe that Mia has been out of her cast for a month !!!  Truth of the matter is....we are really enjoying this break !!  Mentally, physically, spiritually, name it, we needed it !   Life without a cast is so much better !!! She is loving the freedom !! I wish I could make her understand that the more she uses it, the more it will hurt, but, she is 2 and what can ya do?  During the day, she is all over the place !!  We didn't expect her to crawl, walk or do much of anything for at least a year.  However, our girl (who continues to amaze me daily!) moved her legs as soon as the cast came off!  She insisted I put her pants on (didn't expect her to be able to close her legs enough for that), and when asked if she wanted to ride home laying down (her usual casted position) or ride sitting up, she said, "sitting up!!!".  And so she did.  4 hours out of the cast, she looked at Daddy and said, "I want to stand".  And, so she did.  The next day, she announced, "Mamma, I want to crawl"...and, so she did.  Her spirit, determination and 'can do' attitude just amaze me !! 

Standing up, testing out the new hip just hours after having the cast removed.  ;)

Her new favorite thing to do, is to hold your hands, so that you can help her walk.  I have no doubt that before long, she will be letting go, and doing it on her own.  She's already trying.  Only one thing stops her.  The pain.  Unfortunately, her nights are usually still pretty 'ugly'.  Using her legs so much during the day, brings on some horrible pain at night.  In turn, the pain will usually trigger a night terror or nightmare of some kind, and so our old routine continues.  I do, however, believe we are making progress !!  When she does have a good night, it's GREAT !! She sleeps straight through 10-12 hours or so.  We are going longer and longer between pain med doses...and overall, during the day she seems happier !!  Much happier !!  Now, if we can get the nights to get in line, all would be good !!
We are looking forward to holidays, particularly since we know we won't have to deal with casts or surgeries...and we'll even get to spend her birthday (in Feb.) without them as well !!! 
We see "the amazing" Dr. Heflin again on Jan. 23rd, to discuss the next surgery, which will be sometime at the beginning of March....but, you know what ??  We 're not going to think about that right now !!! We will cross that bridge when we have to, and for now....we are just going to continue to enjoy the break !!!!!

Here is a little video scrapbook I made of Surgery #1...I apologize for it's length...trying to get 3 1/2 mos. down to 8 minutes was tough !! haha...and I'm sorry that I couldn't include everything...we have been so amazingly showered with love throughout this ordeal, that I could not possibly include it all....but this will give you a pretty good idea of that love and of what we call "Team Mia" !! ;)

We love and appreciate each and everyone of you !!!!! We are blessed beyond words and beyond measure !!!!  And, we are so proud to call all of you our friends !!!

Thank you for all that you are, for all that you do...and, for just being you !!!!
And, thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!!!
With a Mommy's heart,