Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Growing Pains & Gatorade

Because I do not trust myself to write a whole lot about today's visit, I will simply state what the doctor said.  "It's growing pains, it's very common at her age"
"Give her gatorade before bed, in case it's leg cramps"
"If she's still in pain in a few weeks, we can do some other 'studies' on her, you know, neurological, etc., but of course, by then you'll be at surgery time."
"Otherwise, she looks good."

Yeah, that's pretty much the gist of it.
An hour and a half drive, one way....a full tank of gas....a lost day of sleep for my husband....and an uncomfortably long ride for Mia, and that's what we walked out with.

Please continue to pray my dear prayer warriors....and thank you for being a miracle for our Mia.
With a Mommy's frustrated and somewhat broken heart,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sneaking in...

Ok...well, while the past 2 nights have been much more restful (praise God !!) the three before were beyond 'ugly'...this past Friday morning, I had called the surgeon's office to find out if the level of pain she is experiencing is 'normal'.  Once I described her being asleep yet, thrashing around in the bed screaming "my legs, my legs"...he said, quite simply "no".  So, a long story short, after an exchange of several calls between our amazing, P.A. and myself...he has set us up to have an 'impromptu' appt. tomorrow afternoon at 1:50 to have Mia looked at by one of the Sr. Surgeons.  He is HOPEFULLY going to be able to tell us something that we can do to keep her comfortable for the next month until surgery time gets here.  While moving the surgery up would be nice, the specific surgeon that they want her with doesn't join the practice until Aug. 15th, and that is the date that we'll be seeing him.  Poor Dr. Heflin gets to hit the ground running !! 
So, I wanted to let everyone know that we will be going back tomorrow, and I'll post right when we get home, so you'll all know how it went !!!!! ;)
Thank you so very, very much for the continued prayers, and thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !! :)
With a Mommy's heart,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Well, that's the way it should be"

 I have the privilege of having in my life an amazing man....this man has been beside me through so very much, he has always guided me, loved me and "kicked my butt" when it was needed.  (Including busting me smoking in his bathroom, when I was 14 !  Wasn't pretty. LOL)  This man's name is Fr. Vincent Douglass.  He is my priest, my friend,  my angel.  To say that I love him is an understatement.  How do you not love someone who loves you with true unconditional love?.....With an occasional "butt-kicking" to boot ??!! lol
Yesterday, I called to tell him about our Mia, and her surgery. (Her surgery is set for August 23rd in case I hadn't put that out there kinda losing my mind here !!! lol)  Fr. "D" was of course shocked to learn of what was going on, and that she needed surgery, etc.  He immediately kicked in to his normal mode and started with "what do you need, what can I do?"  My answer of course, "talk me off the ledge, then pray."  He listened intently, and when I said, "I'm standing on faith and God's promises", he said "well, that's the way it should be."  I said, "I'm confident that He hears all the prayers that are going up for her and that He is making His presence known." he said, "well, that's the way it should be."  When I said, "I'm tired and I'm scared, because I don't know what lies ahead for my little girl", he said "well, that's the way it should be." 
It didn't really matter what I threw at him, his answer was almost always the same.  "Well, that's the way it should be."  Towards the end of our talk, he gave me a "task", if you will.  He said, I want you to think about our talk, and reason with yourself.  Hmmm...."reason with myself".  Interesting.
After the tears, the "I love yous" and the promises to keep him updated, we hung up.  After Mia went to bed, I sat and did what he had asked.  I thought hard about all that I had said....and all that he had said.  It was then that it occurred to me, that 90% of what he had said was "well, that's the way it should be."  As I 'reasoned' with myself it became clear that while it appeared he hadn't said "much", he had actually said a great deal.  "Well, that's the way it should be" means that God's presence and gifts are being recognized, acknowledged and appreciated.  It means, that we have accepted that this is bigger than us, and that we cannot do this alone.  It means, that knowing your limitations isn't the same thing as "making excuses"'s recognizing how much you need Him and those He sends to walk with you.  And, that when you get tired and think you can't go on...He steps in, lifts you up, makes up the difference of what your short and  helps you finish.  And, in Father D's own special way, he was letting me know that I was ok.  I'm not as weak, helpless, hopeless, tired and awful as I think I am.  He wanted me to know that my faith is still in tact, that God is still with us, that He's going to see us safely through.  He wanted me to know that I am loved.  I get it.
So, I would be completely remiss if I didn't do the other things that I know God has asked of me.
1)  Make it abundantly clear to each of you how treasured you are, and how grateful we are that you have chosen to walk with us through this storm.  We are grateful, and we feel God through you.  Your words of encouragement and love are His words.  Your hugs, His hugs.  Your prayers, His heart.  Sincerely, thank you.
2) Remind myself and everyone else that this too will pass.  Our Mia is in the best hands possible, and He is loving her with a Father's heart, and will hold her in his hand.
3) Remind anyone and everyone who reads this, that He will do the same for you.  Mia's sufferings and triumphs will be a testament to God's love and mercy and healing, and you will all encounter Him as you walk with us.  He loves you with a Father's love, and He holds you in his hand.
And lastly, I'll just put out there my 'philosophy' and outlook on God's plan and will for my life:  I may not always know it.  I may not always understand it.  And, sometimes, I may not even like it.  But, I will always, ALWAYS trust it.
And... well, that's the way it should be.

Thank you for loving us, for riding this storm out with us, for helping us keep watch for the rainbow that WILL come, and thank you, for being a miracle for our Mia !! ;)
With a Mommy's heart,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mia's Friends

Wow !!!  I am always amazed at the miracles that continue to come to us !!!

Some of our newest miracles come to us as new friends !!!  We have added a page here to introduce you to them a little bit, and to provide a place where you can visit their blogs and get to know them better !!  On this page, you will meet Abby, Aleena & Molly (with more to come, I'm sure) and they will truly touch your heart and make you smile !!
Having other parents who are walking the same road...experiencing the same heartbreak, anger, frustration and struggles has been an absolute sanity saver !!! In talking with them, you have that added assurance that you aren't alone and at the same time you get to help them too.  How comforting it is to hear "I understand, we had the same thing" or to ask a question and receive an answer that makes sense to you !!

Whenever your child is sick or in pain your heart hurts.  Seeing any child suffer is just beyond awful.
Having someone who truly understands is a gift.  A truly treasured gift !!

To our new friends: we already love each of have touched our lives, you will forever be in our prayers and our hearts and, we add you to a "circle of love" that will blow you away !!!  We have many family & friends who love us and who we lean on....they are an incredible group of people and you will come to know and love them too !!! ;)
To our "circle":  Please take a minute to visit their blogs, and watch how these amazing children and their parents will inspire you !!
Again, from our hearts, thank you for being there for us and for being a miracle for our Mia !!
With a Mommy's heart,

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Duckies in a row....

Have I mentioned lately how incredible you guys are ???!!!  Truly !!!  Your love and support is just amazing, and we are absolutely humbled !!  'Thank you' seems so 'small' right now, but from our hearts, THANK YOU !!!!

So, preparations are still being made to get ready for surgery day.  Today, Mia and I were talking about our new friend, Abby, and her Mom, Julie.  Abby had her surgery this week and got to come home from the hospital today !! We are so happy for them, and that they are on the road to recovery.  Showing Mia Abby's picture gave me a chance to really begin to familiarize her with words like "surgery", "hospital" and "cast".  It's hard to talk to a 2 yr old about these things, you're never really sure how much they "get", but at the same time, our Mia is as smart as a whip, and let me know real quick that "Abby's legs will be all better now"...and I said, "that's right, sweetie", to which she said, "Mia's cast will make Mia's legs better too".  I think she gets way more than I give her credit for.  Opening the talks, so as to try to minimize her fear and anxiety was Ducky #1.  This Ducky will be used a lot over the next few weeks !! ;)

Next, came the car seat.  With the spica cast that Mia will be receiving, we will need a specially made car seat to both bring her home in, and to be able to take her places.  On another blog, I saw a Mom talking about an organization called Safe Kids.  I looked up their Atlanta number, and they were very helpful as far as putting me in touch with a very, very sweet lady (who's name also happens to be Mia !) who runs the Special Needs Car Seat Division for Children's Health Care of Atlanta.  Ms. Mia assured me, that come operation day, someone would meet us at the hospital, special car seat in hand, and would help us properly install it, and cover all safety questions and guidelines.  How awesome is that ???!!!!!  Another miracle for our Mia, and another 'ducky' in place !!

As I continued to look at blogs, I noticed that one thing all the Moms and Dads were saying was an absolute MUST, was a bean bag chair !  It hadn't even occurred to me that she wouldn't be able to sit on the couch or a regular chair in her spica !!  Well, our treasured Aunt Jackie was on the phone with me as I was reading, and she said ok, go to this site and see if you like this one !  It was an adorable pink with white polka dots, and it just looks like my Mia to me ! As I was telling her how much I loved it, she said "good, I'm half way through check out now!"...and, so there you bean bag chair for Mia, on it's way !!!  We love you so very much, Aunt Jackie & Uncle James !!! You're the bestest !!! :)  Ducky #3, check!

Ducky #4, is just adorable !!!  While my husband and I had always been anti "tv in the bedroom" for Mia...we never in a million years dreamed she'd be stuck in her bed for quite a while !! So, that rule has gone out the window, and we began the hunt for a small tv that she could play her DVD's on.  Once again, we didn't have to look far....Aunt MaryAnne, Uncle Gus, Aunt Pam, Uncle Robert, Aunt Debby & Uncle Ben brought her the sweetest Disney Princess TV I've ever seen !!! It actually looks like the tv is wearing a tiara !!! LOL  And, it is beyond precious !! (If my mind was working, I'd have taken a picture to show you all the amazing things she's getting....I'll make sure I do that, I promise !!!)  But, to say that we're grateful to them, is an understatement !! Mia looooooves her tv, and has already made it quite clear that "this is MY remote, Daddy...don't touch it !"..and then, she giggles !!! She's a hot mess, and she loves her Aunts & Uncles very much, as do her Daddy and I !!!

So, you see, as I said before, Mia's miracles come in all shapes and sizes...big, small, electric, bean filled...diapers, nightgowns (we love you Memaw & Poppy!!) her big, big, BIG "big girl bed" (we love you, Nana!!) and everything in between....(I feel like I'm forgetting something, and if I am, I'm going to feel AWFUL and will have to blog again....the miracles are coming in so fast and steady, I'm actually having a hard time keeping up with them !!! Praise God !!!)  But, I wanted to share them with you guys.  I want you to be able share with us first hand how God is making himself providing what is needed, and is with us every step of the way !!! I hope you'll see these things, and know that He's going to do the same things for you !!  Name your "duckies", and watch God line them up !!! ;)

We love and appreciate each and every one of you !!!
We pray for blessings and miracles for you, and as always, we thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!!
With a Mommy's heart,

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I wanted to take a minute to introduce a couple of amazing resources to anyone and everyone who may have happened on Mia's blog looking for not just updates on our Mia (which we LOVE and appreciate), but who may also be seeking more information about hip dysplasia and support for themselves and their child !!  We don't want ANYONE to feel like they are going through this alone....we do have resources available to us...and furthermore, if you are going through this as well, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!  Please, take a moment to leave us a comment or message us telling us a little about you and your child, so that we can include you in our prayers by name, and also build a community with each other.  Together we can figure it all out and get through it.  There truly is strength in numbers !!! ;)

Above is the website for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute - this is an amazing place to go to learn more about dysplasia and to get some of your questions answered !!!!

The Git-R-Done Foundation - founded by Larry the Cable Guy and his wife Cara after their son, Wyatt was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  Having no where to go for answers, and enduring the frustrations that we already know, they started this foundation to raise awareness, raise money for research and aide, and to minimize our frustrations by having someone to turn to.  They've already been a blessing to us, and we can't thank Adrian enough for being there for us, and especially for listening to the insanity which is me !!! ;)

The IHDI on Facebook - this is just a great place to go for a sense of community !!!!!!!! ;)

We hope you'll find the links/sites as useful as we have....we hope that you will support them as they support us and so many others, and again, if you're going through this, please don't try it alone.  We're here for you !

Thank you for always being there, and again, thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visit from July 12, 2011

Thank you all so very much for continuing to track our Mia's progress !!!!
We love and appreciate you all so much and we feel your love and prayers !!!

Yesterday's visit was "informative" if nothing else.  We met with "a" surgeon, but he isn't going to be "the" surgeon.  Since he specializes in complex "spine issues", he would prefer that Mia be seen and operated on by one who specializes in complex "hip issues"...naturally, we agreed.  It was decided that Mia would be referred to their hip "team", a team of 2 doctors who would both perform the surgery.  We do know that her surgery will be the 3rd week in August, although we do not have a definite date as of yet.  We do, however, have a date to meet with the actual surgeon, which is August 15th.  Her surgery will be sometime the following week.
Yesterday's doctor was kind enough to try to clarify a few things for us...such as surgery lasting "approx." 4 stay would be "approx." 2 days....cast time would be "approx." 6 weeks, and then she would go into a "brace" of which no real specifics were discussed.  He said that the actual surgeon would be better able to better answer these questions, which makes sense, since he'll be one doing the surgery.
Now, since this blog is very therapeutic for the frustrations that go along with this whole ugly process, and since my feelings are my own, and I'm entitled to them, I will say that I am somewhat angry at the thoughts of watching her suffer for another 5 weeks.  I'm trying desperately to be 'sensible' about the surgery, the necessity of it, how "she's on the right road", and "going to be so much better" afterwards.  Our 'heads' understand that...truly they do.  However, our 'hearts' aren't on board.  Our hearts care nothing about "sensibility" right now.  Our hearts see the pain our daughter suffers EVERY day.  Our hearts ache with her EVERY night while she cries for relief.  Our hearts don't understand the wait, and can't figure out what to do to make it better in the meantime.  We hate watching our child suffer.  We hate watching her fall down and get bruise after bruise, because her legs won't hold her up.  We hate waiting for her relief.  We hate and don't understand the 'wait'.
There is, however, one thing we do understand, and that is faith.  We understand that it takes a complete and total surrender to stand on faith.  It means, "accepting that which you cannot change, courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference."  Faith is what helps us continue forward, knowing that God is in control, and that NOTHING escapes Him....He sees all, handles all, and is all !  And, while our hearts are troubled, we remain committed in faith, that God has this !!! He has our Mia, He has us, and He will oversee every aspect !!!!
In the meantime, we are challenged with one task...."Be Still, and know that I AM God". 
And so we will.

Thank you for letting me rant, rave and blow off a little steam.  But, most importantly, thank you for walking this with us, and reminding us that we are not alone !!
Each one of you is treasured....and we thank you so much for being a miracle for our Mia !!!

With a Mommy's heart,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome !!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the page for Mia's Miracles !

While we love our Facebook page, very much, we thought that a blog would offer us more 'space' and opportunity to include more details, and allow us to keep you more informed !

Since we are just getting this page up and running, we'll go ahead and put out a quick run down of 'where we are', and what is going on... ;)
While Mia had been complaining of leg pain for quite some time, and had been waking up in the middle of the night in absolute agony we had been led to believe they were just "growing pains" and were advised not to worry about them.  On June 27, 2011, we noticed what looked to be a 'lump' on the inside of her right knee.  Not knowing what in the world it was, and just knowing that it had to have something to do with her pain, we took her to Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta.  After  some x-rays and labs, we felt confident ruling out any type of cancerous growth, but her x-rays prompted for more information.  After additional x-rays of her pelvis, it was in fact discovered that Mia has Bilateral Hip Dysplasia, and would require surgery.  I can't even begin to imagine the pain our sweet girl must have been feeling for 28 mos. as she suffered with 2 dislocated hips.  Learning that she had been like this from birth certainly explained a lot of her constant fussiness, late walking, "crooked stance", and random fevers.  Our hearts are crushed to know that she's been in such pain for so long.  It explains why she would be standing still, and suddenly her little legs would just 'give way' from under her, and down she'd go.  It explains why, when she's tired, she'll take 2-3 steps, and fall down.  It explains those countless, seemingly endless nights or her being absolutely inconsolable with pain for hours, and the exhaustion she would feel the next day when the pain would ease off and she could finally rest.
As a parent, many of you already know that to watch your child suffer is the worst form of torture for yourself. 
One of my favorite little books, called 'Everyone's Way of the Cross', which is used each year for Lent has an amazing line in it, which has always touched my heart, but now resounds within my spirit.  At the Station of the Cross where Jesus meets his mother, the book talks about Our Lady seeing her child suffer and the pain she endured with Him.  (Your child does NOT suffer, that you don't suffer too!)  And, it is at this point that the line appears...."to watch the sufferings of those we love is harder than to bare our own."  This so very, very true.  Yet, it is from these words, and this Station that I try to find comfort.  I know in my heart that our Jesus' sufferings were not in vain and without value, and I don't believe that my Mia's or anyone else's ever is either.
This Tuesday, July 12, 2011 is when we will go and meet with the surgeon to find out details and arrange for the surgery.
Please know, that we draw strength from the love, support and prayers of each and everyone of you !! We include you all in our daily prayers, as well as all those who suffer, particularly the children, in any way.
I promise to update the blog as often as possible, beginning with Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to fill you all in with the details we've learned.

Thank you all so very much for walking this road with us, each one of you is a blessing, and
thank you for being a miracle for Mia !! ;)

Mia's Mommy & Daddy