Thursday, July 14, 2011


I wanted to take a minute to introduce a couple of amazing resources to anyone and everyone who may have happened on Mia's blog looking for not just updates on our Mia (which we LOVE and appreciate), but who may also be seeking more information about hip dysplasia and support for themselves and their child !!  We don't want ANYONE to feel like they are going through this alone....we do have resources available to us...and furthermore, if you are going through this as well, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!  Please, take a moment to leave us a comment or message us telling us a little about you and your child, so that we can include you in our prayers by name, and also build a community with each other.  Together we can figure it all out and get through it.  There truly is strength in numbers !!! ;)

Above is the website for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute - this is an amazing place to go to learn more about dysplasia and to get some of your questions answered !!!!

The Git-R-Done Foundation - founded by Larry the Cable Guy and his wife Cara after their son, Wyatt was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  Having no where to go for answers, and enduring the frustrations that we already know, they started this foundation to raise awareness, raise money for research and aide, and to minimize our frustrations by having someone to turn to.  They've already been a blessing to us, and we can't thank Adrian enough for being there for us, and especially for listening to the insanity which is me !!! ;)

The IHDI on Facebook - this is just a great place to go for a sense of community !!!!!!!! ;)

We hope you'll find the links/sites as useful as we have....we hope that you will support them as they support us and so many others, and again, if you're going through this, please don't try it alone.  We're here for you !

Thank you for always being there, and again, thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!

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