Friday, July 15, 2011

More Duckies in a row....

Have I mentioned lately how incredible you guys are ???!!!  Truly !!!  Your love and support is just amazing, and we are absolutely humbled !!  'Thank you' seems so 'small' right now, but from our hearts, THANK YOU !!!!

So, preparations are still being made to get ready for surgery day.  Today, Mia and I were talking about our new friend, Abby, and her Mom, Julie.  Abby had her surgery this week and got to come home from the hospital today !! We are so happy for them, and that they are on the road to recovery.  Showing Mia Abby's picture gave me a chance to really begin to familiarize her with words like "surgery", "hospital" and "cast".  It's hard to talk to a 2 yr old about these things, you're never really sure how much they "get", but at the same time, our Mia is as smart as a whip, and let me know real quick that "Abby's legs will be all better now"...and I said, "that's right, sweetie", to which she said, "Mia's cast will make Mia's legs better too".  I think she gets way more than I give her credit for.  Opening the talks, so as to try to minimize her fear and anxiety was Ducky #1.  This Ducky will be used a lot over the next few weeks !! ;)

Next, came the car seat.  With the spica cast that Mia will be receiving, we will need a specially made car seat to both bring her home in, and to be able to take her places.  On another blog, I saw a Mom talking about an organization called Safe Kids.  I looked up their Atlanta number, and they were very helpful as far as putting me in touch with a very, very sweet lady (who's name also happens to be Mia !) who runs the Special Needs Car Seat Division for Children's Health Care of Atlanta.  Ms. Mia assured me, that come operation day, someone would meet us at the hospital, special car seat in hand, and would help us properly install it, and cover all safety questions and guidelines.  How awesome is that ???!!!!!  Another miracle for our Mia, and another 'ducky' in place !!

As I continued to look at blogs, I noticed that one thing all the Moms and Dads were saying was an absolute MUST, was a bean bag chair !  It hadn't even occurred to me that she wouldn't be able to sit on the couch or a regular chair in her spica !!  Well, our treasured Aunt Jackie was on the phone with me as I was reading, and she said ok, go to this site and see if you like this one !  It was an adorable pink with white polka dots, and it just looks like my Mia to me ! As I was telling her how much I loved it, she said "good, I'm half way through check out now!"...and, so there you bean bag chair for Mia, on it's way !!!  We love you so very much, Aunt Jackie & Uncle James !!! You're the bestest !!! :)  Ducky #3, check!

Ducky #4, is just adorable !!!  While my husband and I had always been anti "tv in the bedroom" for Mia...we never in a million years dreamed she'd be stuck in her bed for quite a while !! So, that rule has gone out the window, and we began the hunt for a small tv that she could play her DVD's on.  Once again, we didn't have to look far....Aunt MaryAnne, Uncle Gus, Aunt Pam, Uncle Robert, Aunt Debby & Uncle Ben brought her the sweetest Disney Princess TV I've ever seen !!! It actually looks like the tv is wearing a tiara !!! LOL  And, it is beyond precious !! (If my mind was working, I'd have taken a picture to show you all the amazing things she's getting....I'll make sure I do that, I promise !!!)  But, to say that we're grateful to them, is an understatement !! Mia looooooves her tv, and has already made it quite clear that "this is MY remote, Daddy...don't touch it !"..and then, she giggles !!! She's a hot mess, and she loves her Aunts & Uncles very much, as do her Daddy and I !!!

So, you see, as I said before, Mia's miracles come in all shapes and sizes...big, small, electric, bean filled...diapers, nightgowns (we love you Memaw & Poppy!!) her big, big, BIG "big girl bed" (we love you, Nana!!) and everything in between....(I feel like I'm forgetting something, and if I am, I'm going to feel AWFUL and will have to blog again....the miracles are coming in so fast and steady, I'm actually having a hard time keeping up with them !!! Praise God !!!)  But, I wanted to share them with you guys.  I want you to be able share with us first hand how God is making himself providing what is needed, and is with us every step of the way !!! I hope you'll see these things, and know that He's going to do the same things for you !!  Name your "duckies", and watch God line them up !!! ;)

We love and appreciate each and every one of you !!!
We pray for blessings and miracles for you, and as always, we thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!!
With a Mommy's heart,


  1. Great Job on the blog. I often spend time looking back over our two progress with their journey with hip dysplasia on their blog and am glad I spent the time to write down our journey. One question, do you plan on getting a spica chair? If you haven't seen these we have posted three on our blog that I have build for various people. I also have sent the instructions all over the world. Let me know.

  2. Mia is adorable! I found your blog via the hipbaby forum and saw your email about wanting the lemon spica chair. My daughter, Molly, just got her clean bill of hips and I was just about to offer ours up but thought I'd check with you first. We live in Marietta, Georgia and got all her hip stuff done at CHOA with Dr. Fabregas at Children's Ortho of Atlanta. Her's is a watermelon slice and you can see a picture of it on my blog here:
    Anyway, Molly used the spica table from 10 months to 14 months but I think Mia would fit no problem. My name is Ashleigh Lucas and my email address is Just shoot me an email if you're interested! God provided for us and put all our ducks in a row and I'm anxious to help someone else now:)


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