Monday, August 1, 2011

A Side Note...

Ok, well, we're going to digress from health related things for just a minute.  We have GOT to tell you all about the MOST amazing group of people that we have met, but first, we must introduce you to the reason why !!!  Over on the right hand side of this page is a section called "Little things that make Mia smile"...and, in that list, you will see "Il Volo".  <---there's your reason 'why' !! LOL  Mia wants to make sure that everyone knows who Il Volo is, how much she loves them, and how great they have been to her ! 
We first encountered Il Volo when they made their American debut on American Idol....had a dear friend, (thanks JJ!!) not called and told us to "put it on, NOW !!"...we would have missed them !!! As soon as they came on the screen, both Mia and I were hooked !!!!  These are three of the most talented young men we've seen perform in a VERY long time !!!!  And, they are amazing !!!!

From left to right in the pic above is:  Piero, Gianluca & Ignazio.  Oh yeah, all Italian, all the time !!! ;)  And, since I am Italian, and Mia is 1/2 Italian...well, they're just SO up our alley !!! lol 
In case you've never heard of them....have a listen.... ;)

Oh yeah, incredible....we know !!!! ;)  And, to think....Piero is 17 (may have just turned 18), Gianluca & Ignazio...both 16 !! ;)

Now, onto the amazing people !!! Through a video of Mia which I had posted on Il Volo's fan page, we were spotted by (and have since adopted ! LOL) Wendy Marcinkiewicz.  She heads up Il Volo's fan club out of Houston, is a huge fan, and loves our Mia so very much !!!  Wendy put Mia out on every fan page imaginable, and literally sent Mia "around the world" !!!  She's asked everyone to help us pray !!!....on  Mia's facebook page (which you can access on the right)...we have met and received messages of love, hope and incredible prayer from all over !! We have heard from Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, France, and of course from right here in the good old USA !!! And the list continues to grow.  These boys can't imagine the impact they've had and how they've touched people everywhere !!!  I can't tell you how kind and loving everyone has been !!!!!
Wendy, Caitlyn, Gladys and everyone have touched our hearts sooooooo much !!!!! And, we do truly love and appreciate you !!!  Il Volo fans everywhere have blessed our lives !!! xoxo
Ignazio and his beautiful fiance, Francesca have both sent Mia messages on facebook, "wishing her all the good of this world", "sending her BIG hugs & kisses" they say they will "pray without ceasing for the little princess", and that she has kidnapped their hearts.  Yeah, these kids are worthy of "all the good of this world", we love them and wish them all the best !!

So, there you go....amazing group....amazing people !!! Does our Mia have good taste or what ?????  Give Il Volo a try....become a're going to find yourself in some unbelievable company !!!!

 Thank you Il Volo for the smile you bring to my Mia, to me, and to countless others !!!
Thank you Il Volo fans everywhere for your love, support and prayers !!!!  We add you to an amazing 'circle of love' for our Mia, and we are proud to call you all our friends !!!

And, as always, thank you all for being a miracle for our Mia !!!! ;)
With a happy, singing O Sole Mio, Mommy's heart,


  1. How wonderful these darn computers can be! I think that it is incredible that Mia's story has reached so many, but I'm not surprised that it has touched so many! She is an exceptional child with extremely exceptional parents who love her beyond words!
    I thank everyone who is praying for this magnificent Angel, and pray that all of your life's will be moved by her story!
    Love to Mommy's Heart - jules

  2. Jules, you are amazing !!!! Thank you so much !!! Your constant love, support and prayers just make our hearts smile more than you know !!! We love and appreciate you !!!!! ;) xoxo <3


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