Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cards & Letters

You guys are all soooooooo great !!!!!!
And, because so many of you have asked where you can send a card/letter, Mia's amazing Memaw & Poppy have set up a P.O. Box for her so that you can !!!!!!  Thank you, Memaw & Poppy !!!! And, thank you to all of you for your constant love, support & Prayers !!!! ;)

Please send to:
Miss Mia Jay
P.O. Box 27
Lovejoy, Ga 30250

And, thank you all for being a miracle for our Mia ! ;)
With a Mommy's very grateful heart,

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  1. Hi Miss Mia -
    Did you get my get well card with the little bear sleeping in his bed and getting well, like you?

    Love you bunches, Little One.

    Mama Gina - looks like, from the posts online, that Mia is making some progress toward getting used to being "stuck" and learning how to live inside that cast. Still praying for her to be completely through with her surgeries and walking and running with no pain! Man, will that ever be a good day!

    It was good to see that she finally has gotten some good sleep, for a change. I have no idea how one could sleep very well in that cast, but I guess when you are a baby, it's not as hard as it would be for one my age (64 going on 65) to do it! It is good that you are able to get some decent rest, too, then.

    Take care of yourself and give our little sweet Princess a kiss for me.

    Linda Carr


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