Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surgery #1

Oh my gosh guys, PLEASE forgive me !!!  It has been absolutely NUTS in the past 13 days since her surgery, and I'm so sorry for not having updated this sooner !!!!!
Her first surgery went very well, praise God !!! The doctor was ...ummm....ok, 'blown away' by how bad she was...he said it was awful in there.  Poor angel !!  Surgery lasted right at 4 hours and he was pleased with the way it 'set'. 

Our girl, just out of recovery.     

Resting comfortably, with "Jay", her teddy bear by her side.  They've had a rough time, these two !

Our hospital stay lasted 5 days...during which, we had a couple of 'issues' with her pain meds....let's just say that we have learned (the hard way), that Mia has a really bad adverse reaction to Valium.  We'll leave that there, and have now put that on her "allergy" list !! :/   After coming home from the hospital, we continued to have some uncontrolled pain.  This took us back to the emergency room.  There, they did a scan to be sure that the hip had not moved, and we were very happy to learn that it hadn't.  We were, however, readmitted, for pain management.  Thankfully, once we got that back under control, we were able to come home, and day by day, it has gotten a little easier.  She has had a terrible time getting used to this cast (as anyone can imagine), and her limitations are becoming painfully obvious to her, no pun intended !!
So as not overload this posting with pictures, I will post them on the "photos" page (what a concept, huh ?! LOL)...and everyone can see how well she's done !!!
We go back to the doctor on Sept. 19th for a follow up with a new scan, and to decide how much longer she will have to wear this cast !!! :)
We cannot begin to thank you all enough for your constant love, support & prayers !!! Please know, and believe, that we have relied on them heavily, and have gained tremendous strength from them !!!!  God used each one of you to hold us up and get us through !!!! One surgery down, 3 more to go !!!
Praise, Jesus, we will see her run again, one day soon !!! ;)
With a Mommy's grateful heart,
"Jay" sends his love too ! <3


  1. Hello. My little guy is getting ready for his second surgery in about 2 months. It's hard to explain to a 3 year old (he was 1 when he had his first surgery). I am wondering did you get the bear from some place? Did you make it? Did the hospital put the cast on? I would love to get one for my little guy. Thanks, Gwen (chibluzbaby at chicagobluzbaby dot com)

  2. HI !!!!! actually, the teddy bear was one I have had for years, that Mia adopted as her own..."Jay" has been with her through it all, and so, at surgery time, although we planned to request it, her Doctor offered to cast Jay too....Jay went into surgery with her...and they came out casted together !!!! I highly recommend grabbing your son's "best friend" (stuffed animal) and ask your surgeon if he will cast him for you !!! They're usually great that way !!!! Please feel free to message me more or find me on facebook so we can stay in touch !!! You're in our prayers !! ;)


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