Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yeah, it's kind of a "sore" subject....

Hi everybody !!!

Well, my last post was on Thursday, the 22nd of September, and you all read how the amazing Dr. Heflin (who must be worn out by now !!) met us at the ER to cut out a portion of her cast.  The next morning, (Friday, the 23rd) I had to call him yet again, to tell him that I had found some nasty 'red spots' on her, which looked to be sores.  He said to bring her in that afternoon, that he needed to check them.  We arrived at his office around 1, and he brought us right back.  With one look, his response was, "yep, we need to change this cast."  Within an hour, we were on our way back to Egleston to be readmitted.  The next morning, (Sat. the 24th), he took her in for an emergency cast change and arthrogram.  The cast changes have to be done under anesthesia, so it was like "surgery day" all over again.  Again, we met with the anesthesia team, we said our 'see you in a bit' with tears and kisses in pre-op, we sat in the waiting room, and then waited for her to come out of recovery.  The change went well, praise God, and the arthrogram (which is a test where they put dye in her hip to get a much more detailed view) showed that her hip is healing quite beautifully ! He was very pleased !!! ;)
We are so grateful to Dr. Heflin for 'hearing' us when we talk to him, and responding so quickly to our concerns !!!!  When he took the original cast off, it was completely soaked with sweat, and the wet fabric rubbing on her had caused sores all the way around the top of her legs, and up the back of her bottom.  Even where he had just cut the back out 2 nights before had already begun to cause another 'ulcer' type sore there.  So, while we hated the process, we are beyond grateful that it was done and successfully !!!
Mia will go back on Oct. 10th to have an 'adjustment' made to this cast.  Dr. Heflin built this cast, so that the leg which is currently casted to the ankle can be adjusted and the cast cut to be above her knee, such as it is on the left leg now.  She will wear her new cast (which is lined with this VERY cool stuff, which draws out moisture and helps it evaporate, so hopefully we won't have any more sores) for anywhere from 6-8 weeks.  I'm sure he will do another xray on the 10th to see how she is progressing, and will make a decision from there !
So, we are back home from the hospital....again, praise God !  And, while this new cast has presented some new challenges all it's own, we again, are incredibly grateful that her sores are healing, and she seems more comfortable !!!! ;)
Our unbelievable gratitude goes out to the amazing Dr. Heflin (yeah, I think that should be his new 'legal' name...LOLOL) for sticking with us and continuing to navigate us through these uncertain storms....and we also thank each and every one of you for your consistent and constant love, prayers & support !!!!
Will report back soon !!!!
Mia sends love as do Daddy and I !!!
Thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!! ;)
With a Mommy's grateful heart,

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  1. So very thankful that her legs are feeling better and they (the med team, including the amazing Dr. Heflin) actually were good to figure out what was causing the issues, and do something about it! H'ray!! <3<3<3 Love you guys!

    Linda Carr


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