Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4 week Post Op Follow up- Surgery #1

Hi everyone !!
On Monday, September 19th, Mia had her follow up visit, post surgery !!  The visit went very well !!!
Dr. Heflin (did I mention how much we love him ??!!!)  ;)  was so very pleased with how well her hip looks, and how great she seems to be healing !!!  Oh, here's a pic of our fabulous doctor with Mia.....

Mia and Dr. John Heflin, M.D.

We talked a bit about some pain that she is continuing to have, and we agreed to 'watch' it, and of course call him if, Heaven forbid, it gets worse.  We set up a 'game plan' to leave this cast on for another 2 weeks.  At the 2 week mark, we'll go back to the hospital for what we hope will be an outpatient procedure, for them to shoot some dye into her hip (yes, there is a 'technical' medical term for this, but forgive me, it's late and I just can't think of it !! lol)...this dye will allow him to see the hip in great detail to be sure everything is actually healing as well as it appears to be.  While there, they will cut her out of this cast, and place her in a new one, known as a "pantaloon" cast.  This cast will differ in that both legs of the cast will be short, such as the left one is now.  She will wear the pantaloon cast for another 4-6 weeks.  We expect, hope and pray that this second cast will come off somewhere around mid-November, and then, guess what ???!!!  We get to take a break !!! YAAAY!!!!  He said that he feels that she needs a break, and that Daddy and I do too (see why I love this man ??!!), and so we will wait until after the holidays, AND her birthday before we start the process again on the other side.  I expect that surgery #2 will take place sometime at the beginning of March.
Giving Mia this break, will also allow the hip to get some usage, and help her to regain some range of motion in it, before immobilizing her again for another 2-3 months with the second surgery.  Hopefully, this will help strengthen those muscles, and keep the atrophying to a minimum.  I can hope !!! ;)

If the pain she has continues, I'll have no choice but to call the good Doctor back, but hopefully, we're making progress and that won't be necessary !!! 
We want to thank everyone for all of the gifts, cards, letters & most importantly, prayers, that you have sent, and continue to send !!! You have made her smile more than once, and this of course, makes Daddy and I smile LOTS !!!
We love and appreciate you all, and as always, thank you for being a miracle for our Mia !!!!
With a Mommy's grateful and humbled heart,

Mia and Daddy in the waiting room....<3   

Mia and Mommy <3


  1. More prayers coming your way, since I lifted up Mia for prayer at my Bible Study group tonight. I will have to take a picture of our little sweetie next week, so my friends will know who they are praying for!

    Praying for continued good results.


  2. I'm glad Mia is continuing to heal from all of this. As for the atrophying and range of motion - is the doctor planning on having Mia do any kind of physical therapy when she gets out of the cast? If he hasn't discussed it, you might want to ask about it - usually they try to make it fun things to do with the child, to keep them interested in doing it. Of course with little ones it might not be as big of an issue as it is with us older folks, but it's worth asking about if he hasn't mentioned it yet.

    Take care!


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