Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One step at a time.....

Just a little update.....I promised to try to do better at keeping her blog updated, although, there really isn't anything new or exciting happening.....but, I have to believe in my heart that we are moving forward.

Every day, we continue to battle pain and "phantom" fevers....we've done lab after lab, and while some things come back "abnormal", nothing seems to give us any clear cut answers.  Some days are better than others....she has really good days, where she walks, run, jumps and plays....and, you can't imagine how it warms my heart to watch her do so.  The downside is that those days always come at a price.  Within hours, her pain is.....almost consuming.  Fevers always seem to follow suit.  Her pain/fever reducing meds help, but, not for long.  They are a "band-aid" we use....it helps the symptoms, but we are praying to eliminate the cause.  Rheumatology still sits as a "maybe"....and so, the circle continues.
Yesterday, she woke up feeling pain, and looking more pale than usual, and a couple of times, she said she was dizzy.  When we took her for her blood work around 1:30 or so, I noticed she felt warm.  I had no thermometer to check her, and she had no other symptoms other than the pain.  She was amazingly brave and strong, and didn't shed a tear as they stuck her.  We did our usual mantra...."What do we say, Mia?"...."No Fear, Mamma!"...."that's right, baby....why are we not afraid?"...."Because, Jesus is with me!".....;)   If nothing else, she knows the most important one to turn to....in times of joy, times of pain, times of celebration and times of fear.  This alone comforts my "mother's heart"...
Within 5 minutes of completing the blood draw, she started to look strange....next thing I knew, she had vomited all over herself, Daddy, the tech, the floor....just everywhere.....more color drained from her face....we get her settled, and her little legs were so wobbly, she couldn't stand.  Was it the blood draw ??  the fever ???  the pain ???  Truthfully, we don't know !!  After a few hours, she seemed better....was a little relieved the pediatrician didn't call back...would have felt silly saying "she's ok now"....still we need to find out why these things keep happening, and so randomly.  She slept well last night, and today seems...well, what has become more the norm, for her.

I know and believe in my heart that we will get her through this.....we will find answers, and we will continue to fight until we do !! As we all heard and learned in my last post....we fully intend to "Finish the Drill"!!!! ;)

Please continue to pray for Mia and for her doctors and all who love and look after her......pray for our strength, courage, faith, determination, healing and comfort while we seek answers.  And know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Team Mia is prayed for daily !!!!! ;)

Thank you, for loving us through it all......and thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing to be a miracle for our Mia, and know that we will not give up on our fight....we'll continue to take it, one step at a time !!!!!!!!!!

We love you all !!!!

With a Mamma's very grateful heart,
~ <3 Gina <3 ~

Sunday, May 12, 2013 - Mother's Day....feeding the goats at Southern Belle Farms, McDonough

Picking some fresh strawberries at the farm !  We had to sit, "just for a while, Mamma"   this child is my heart !!! 

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